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"Strexcorp: Believe in a Smiling God" - Kevin Free

"Ours is not a Smiling God." - Tamika Flynn

Or: The two opposing sides of the Night Vale Revolution

I’m really excited about these and I’m finally finished. Haha. But seriously, what’s better than a Night Vale / Doctor Who crossover?

(Also: Many thanks to idlewildly and fyeahgallifreyan for proofreading this.)

Oh my GOD I never thought of curving the radiating lines into circles of their own! Brilliant! I need to go write more gallifreyan.

(via nudityandnerdery)

A little wally west to mail out. #heroescon #commission
More greyscaled venom! #heroescon #commission
This one was too big to fit into one shot, but it was two huge sheets full of spider-man commissions from various artists. I’m the venom way in the back!
Sort of an experimental batman. #heroescon #commission
Widow made an appearance too. #heroescon #commission
It’s not a con without a little harley thrown in. #heroescon #commission
Rocket was once again a popular request. #heroescon #commission
Kingdom come’s wonder woman! #heroescon #commission
Deadpool sketch cover from heroes! #heroescon #commission